Whats Involved?

PediSafe is a non-invasive technique to enhance the appearance of damaged nails. It is a remodelling and cosmetic correction system developed by the Canadian company Fanair Cosmetiques. The procedure is carried out by clinicians with specific training in this technique. A gel is applied in layers to the damaged nail bed to recreate the appearance of a nail. The gel has great flexibility which allows it to withstand stresses the feet have to go through daily. The flexibility also allows the gel to grow with the natural nail plate, causing less trauma than acrylic based products. In addition, there is no trauma caused to the nail plate or nail bed.

How Successful is the treatment?

The technique can produce incredible results instantly and although it is not a permanent solution to the underlying fungal nail infection it can be repeated as an when required with no complications. There are several benefits for nail reconstruction. Some are cosmetic, others are to promote healthy nail growth, but the unappreciated benefit is to improve wellbeing and give you feet to be proud of. Improving nail appearance may seem trivial but to some individuals it can be a massive confidence boost. Nail reconstruction can be left natural or a gel polish can be applied to all nails afterwards. Nail reconstruction can be applied for a one-off special occasion or for regular long-term wear. Nail reconstruction can also be used to help disguise bunions by creating the illusion of straighter nails.

Other Info

HOW LONG DOES NAIL RECONSTRUCTION LAST? We expect nail reconstruction to last approximately 6-8 weeks, but this will depend on the amount of nail available when commencing the procedure. If the nail is completely missing; it is likely the nail will stay in position for a few days. This is due to the natural oil secretion in the skin. We would recommend keeping the nail in a safe place and using it for special occasions by applying a hypoallergenic nail glue to keep the nail in place.

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