Nail Reconstruction

Whats Involved?

Nail reconstruction is the restoration of a previously damaged nail to produce a more normal appearing nail. It involves the application of layers of a special gel to the damaged nail/portion of the nail bed, onto which UV light is focused in order to harden the gel. The gel used in toenail reconstruction is different to that used to create acrylic nails. This treatment is often used to improve nail appearance in: • Fungal nail infections • Cracked / split nails • Bleeding under the nail • Trauma nail resulting in a permanently disfigured nail plate • Damaged nail following nail surgery • Thickened and unsightly nails • Nail discolouration

How Successful is the treatment?

The procedure can almost always improve the appearance of your nails without the need for any surgical intervention. Nail reconstruction cis even possible where there is no nail plate left, for example if you have had previous surgery. Where there is no nail plate the treatment may only remain in place for a day or so because of the natural shedding process of the nail bed (the skin under the nail)

Other Info

Whilst there are no specific restrictions after your nail reconstruction, to maximise the life-span of your new nails we do advise: 1 Avoid shoes which are narrow or pointy around the toe area and heels 2 Try not to apply creams/lotions should around the nail, 3 Avoid extended exposures in water, such as jacuzzi’s or saunas.

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