Whats Involved?

Fungal nails are a common problem and can result in unsightly nails. The Lacuna method is a new non-surgical treatment for fungal nails. The treatment involves drilling multiple micro holes through the nail plate, this allows an antifungal solution to be transported to the area of infection. As the nail is already ‘dead’ the holes remain and will grow out naturally.

How Successful is the treatment?

Like all treatments for fungal nails, the lacuna method is not a short-term treatment, unfortunately there is no quick fix for fungal nail infections and it can take over eighteen months or longer for a toenail infection to grow out completely. Where the infection has been successfully cleared from the nail, the infection can return unless you maintain your new foot care regime.

Other Info

Foot hygiene is essential, wash your feet well at least once a day and dry carefully especially in-between the toes. We advise against sharing towels, socks and shoes. Consider replacing old footwear as this could be contaminated with fungal spores. Wear flip-flops in public places, such as communal showers.

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